My Second Floor of the Mentzer Basic Dungeon

This is from a campaign I ran in 2009 or 2010. If I remember correctly the bandits and kobolds were enemies and the bandits had recently pissed off Bargle.I have typed it up faithfully and with minimal comments. The kobolds were hard drinking party animals. They were not in any way offensive Asian stereotypes. I have no idea why the kobold clan is named that. I am pretty sure it is an unfortunate coincidence. The bandits were depressed. Bargle was an outgoing sociopath. The adventure hook was that Bargle would go into town every two weeks and go on a bender forcing the town to do humiliating stunts for his amusement and also bandits kidnapped the mayor. Bargle also made the town change the name of the tavern to Bloody Bucket of Elves because he thought it sounded “badass.” I am pretty sure the wandering monster table had giant ants on it.
40. Sign by stairs WING WONG KLAN HYUMANZ GOWAWEY. 4 kobolds hp 1,1,1,2. Cards gross wine and booze on table 2gp, 3sp,4cp matting pots for piss doo…

Pics and House Rules from an Old Holmes Campaign

The old campaign started in Salt Marsh, Port Town's trading partner. Pictured above is one of the clans that ruled my version of Salt Marsh. You can see I am staying true to the art style of the original booklets.
I was running an old Holmes campaign where although survivability was low, some characters began to level up. I was keeping the rule that all weapons do 1d6 dmg. As the players grew more comfortable with the rules I decided to Tinker. I wanted to give fighters a special class ability so I gave them a rudimentary weapon mastery ability. It does subvert the Holmes rule that all weapons do the same damage, but I thought it kept the spirit of it enough while doing something to make fighters special and provide a mechanical reason to use different weapons in different situations.

levels 1-3: one attack per round
levels 4-6: two attack per round
levels 7-9: three attacks per round

levels 1-3: 1d8 dmg
levels 4-6: 1d10 dmg

Method to Madness: Session 1

I ran a bad adventure last weekend. Everyone had fun. But, now I read the reviews at tenfootpole and I no longer appreciate adventures that make me work for six hours to make them playable; I have been spoiled. The adventure was from Terrors from beyond, and the adventure itself was Method to Madness. It is not well thought of. Method to Madness started life as a tournament adventure and maybe it was a good tournament adventure because it demands huge buy-in and effort on the part of the players to make it worthwhile. This adventure makes it easy to differentiate between players who are there to be entertained and players who are dedicated to entertaining. I am going to hash out all the changes I made and why but my players haven’t finished it yet. I plan to write a full post mortem. What follows is a write up of the adventure so far. As written the adventure starts with the players being awake alone in their rooms. They are unable to sleep. They hear the elevator. If they leave they …
While preparing for a game yesterday I stumbled upon some old notes I made to extend the dungeon beneath Zenopus's tower. And since the Zenopus Archives have recently been putting up some neat stuff related to the Holmes sample dungeon, I thought maybe people would be interested.

Many years ago I was really into the Kua-Toa, but apparently didn't know how to spell "Kua-Toa." This little subfloor is a shrine to Blibdoolpoolp, where human cultist and Kua-Toa work together to capture and eat humans and do weird fish-man interbreeding stuff.

There is a room with a well with magic water.
There is a room where humans are butchered.
There is a room where butchered human meat is stored "Ice Room"
The first room you enter has a "statue of a fish swallowing a "naked babe"
The altar room has clues on how to open the secret door: "Say fish prayer and kiss fish statue"
I think I intended for the room with the statue of Blibdoolpoolp to be fille…

Dwarf Level Limits and Why Dungeons are so Deep

Üle Oakenballs, Ye’ lived a long enough life outside the mountain. Its ‘nigh time ye’ returned to tha’ forge.”
“Aye Turl Toffennubs, Jus’ a one more time down into tha’ depths. Thars more riches for ol’ Üle down thar”
“Oakenballs, I’ve ‘a’ seen this before; ye’ goin but ye’ ain’t comin’ back the madness has already taken ye’”
Üle Oakenballs had already left by the time Turl Toffennubs finished his sentence. His eyes were glazed and his mouth was dry. He only thought of going deeper into depths beneath the tower...
Dwarfs that are called to adventure in the world of men subliminally are all driven by a desire to go deep into the earth. Most dwarfs are able to satisfy this desire in their own mines but dwarfs called to adventure seek new depths. When they try to surpass their level cap they succumb to their obsession and head into the dungeon for the last time, like lemmings they seek the lowest level and begin to dig deeper, new, confused, chaotic tunnels. Their language becomes mixed wit…