The Siege of Witherhelm

I finally had my D&D group play the siege I have been planning at posting about for months. I used Book of War by Delta. I took some advice from the internet and I ignored some probably very good advice from the internet. Everything worked out though.... sort of. 

The campaign is in shambles but in a good way I wanted to have a meaningful battle where the objectives were determined by things that mattered in the large framework of the world and not just objective markers. This made the game more like a real war in that there were no winners. The high level 'good' NPC was devoured by a purple worm in the basement and the high level magic user was blasted out of the sky by a fireball after he got overconfident. That means that all known cities of the world are without leadership and in a state of anarchy.
Setting up took a long time. I was ready to use chgowiz's Fellowship Supplement for Book of War but the part spent the whole time hidden in the inn. They weren't d…

Book of War: The Battle of Throggs Neck

The Battle of Throggs Neck was the first battle that I played that had an objective. Throggs Neck is a trading post and some monsters and some bandits wanted to attack it. The human forces wanted to drive the monsters off. Fortunately, for the humans the monsters approached from the other side of the river Throgg.

The battle started with the two sides facing each other as in the pictures above. The humans seized the initiative and attacked.

Instead of adopting a defensive posture the humans to send their pikemen across the bridge 10 men abreast (it's a wide bridge) directly into the goblin infantry supported by archers. The human forces wipe out half the goblins and rout them. A strong start for the humans but no the pikemen are alone surrounded by the forces of chaos.

The goblins run away from the battle field but the rest of the monster army mounts a counter attack. The bandit archers climb the hill they were hiding behind and fire at the enemy archers. The purple worm also burrow…

The Kobold King

The kobold king wears a crown. That is how you know he is the kobold king.

Every kobold is female around the kobold king and can lay eggs (It's like The Left Hand of Darkness, but with kobolds). The kobold king's favorite activity is to fertilize eggs. He wants for them to come out and then he moves on them like a fish, rubbing against them and fertilizing them.

Three days later baby kobolds come out.

Two days after that the babies are adults.

The kobold king just loves to reproduce.  Are you an adventurer? He wants your eggs. You better come up with something or he will attack you. He does not care if you are a 'man'; he is convinced hat you can lay eggs if you are in his presence.

The kobold king will fertilize any other eggs he can find, chicken eggs, fish eggs, lizard man eggs, owl bear eggs, whatever. Sometimes it even works.

After the kobold king is killed the next who finds a funny hat to wear becomes the next kobold king.

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