TridentCon Recap: Brief discussion of my Event, and Some Magic Items

After this post I really want to drop some more nerd theory. But, here we go I went to a con and the only pictures I have are of the pregen character sheets from my adventure.

I ran my adventure “The Artists Who Became Monsters.” It went well. I noticed some things that went wrong in editing and some things that could be organized better.I do not think it is at a place yet where someone other than myself would have an easy time running it. There are a lot of moving parts. The ghouls are Lovecraft ghouls and if you have not read Pickman’s Model you are going to be confused running them. There is a new monster with a new mechanic that is based on The Hunters From Beyondby Clark Ashton Smith. If you haven’t read that you would have a hard time understanding what is going on with the new monster. On top of that none of the encounters start out as combat so you have to think of every monster as an NPC. There is not enough support for that right now unless you are already well steeped in s…

11/5: The City with the Unpronounceable Name

The Party:
Chlotilde - Cleric, 100 years old 
Crotchety Cornelius - Magi User Hermione the Great - Magi User Horatio - Cleric Madeline - Thief Marcus - Thief
An entirely new group of adventurers arrive in town, contractors for Export and Escort, merchant company. Having left their grain shipment at the brewery, they spend a night drinking and listening to tales of a group that claim to have been underneath the city. Among the wild things that they hear:
·The townsfolk are immortal as long as they stay in this town and can leave the town only if they wear silly metal hats. ·The secret to immortality lies underneath the town. ·The water is undrinkable because the maiden of the clean waters has abandoned the town. ·Something something embryonic fluid!? ·There is a secret entrance to the dungeon in the lion fountain at the center of town, massage its ear like a doting mother or a playful lover to open the door.
The new gang gets excited and the next day after brunch, find the secret entrance …

Two Versions of Half-Orc

Introduction: Totally Skippable if you Just Want Gameable Content
In my home campaign I am aiming for a human centric world where demi-humans are rare and strange and humans are common and strange. However, I have a new player that wants to be a half-orc. He is, unlike most of my players, someone with prior roleplaying experience. He loves 4th edition so he is already making a number of concessions to play in a Holmes Basic game. So, while a normally might just say no, I felt inclined to say yes.
Currently, there are no orcs in my game (I don’t need a bunch of types of humanoids in my world because of where goblins come from). So, I have a clean slate to work with and I didn’t have any real ideas. So I asked the internet.
The two responses that were most compatible with my world were:
Gerald Williams+4 Hoping to breed the aggression out of orcs, a wizard used his craft to crossbreed orcs with humans. His hope was that he could then release these intellectually superior, and less violent, …