Stargazer Comparisons Play Report: Wait this is not a play report at all. THis is crap.

I haven't been able to run a game of Dungeons and Dragons since I got hit by a car at the end of July. Don't ever get hit by a car. This post is just as much to see if I can write yet without getting a splitting headache as it is to talk about Tower of the Stargazer.

The siege of Witherhelm was over. The town of Witherhelm was descending into anarchy. So the party decided to go on a vacation to the Tower of the Stargazer.


A lot of people have run this adventure and written about it on the internet. This guy did it as a DCC Funnel. I didn't use any of his ideas but adding skeleton cleaning crew is a good idea. I should have done that.

Someone else wrote about ....


OK Let's start again.

* And then, even though he was very hurt, one of our clerics decides to look in one of the obviously magic mirrors. He fails his save, his reflection grins and steps out and then slits our cleric's throat. The re…

Doominator’s Dangerous Delve

So one of my player’s in my online game decided he wanted to ceded control of his character to me and go exploring the first level of the Holmes Basic Dungeon. The easy thing to do would be to just give him the map. He is a 5th level Gold Dragon.
I am an idiot though. So, let’s come up with some rules. I know a little bit about this player’s attitudes. The first thing is that his characters all react strongly to monster body horror/monster sexy time. I don’t aim to put that type of stuff into my dungeons. When I read a module that has that stuff in it, I think it’s stupid. But When I actually run a game... There’s something wrong with me.
So, I am going to give Doominator the gold Dragon 10 Klang Tolerance Points, or KTPs. Doominator will lose a KTP whenever he encounters one of the monsters in the dungeon that have evolved into gross weirdos ie kobolds and goblins. Then I will make a reaction roll. A positive reaction roll means that Doominator ignores whatever weird nonsense is hap…

Book of War Posts

A collection of Book of War updates from Delta. I have not had a chance to use them yet as the Wizard in my game got blown up by a fire ball before he could raise any undead.
New Units:Elementals
War pigs (I know it's April Fool's but whatever)
Unit Expansions:Knights
Wizards and heroes
Rules: Cold
partial hd
random armies
weather control

The Siege of Witherhelm

I finally had my D&D group play the siege I have been planning at posting about for months. I used Book of War by Delta. I took some advice from the internet and I ignored some probably very good advice from the internet. Everything worked out though.... sort of. 

The campaign is in shambles but in a good way I wanted to have a meaningful battle where the objectives were determined by things that mattered in the large framework of the world and not just objective markers. This made the game more like a real war in that there were no winners. The high level 'good' NPC was devoured by a purple worm in the basement and the high level magic user was blasted out of the sky by a fireball after he got overconfident. That means that all known cities of the world are without leadership and in a state of anarchy.
Setting up took a long time. I was ready to use chgowiz's Fellowship Supplement for Book of War but the part spent the whole time hidden in the inn. They weren't d…