Monday, September 14, 2020

Creatures that Should Turn to Stone in the Sun

There was a plan to go and find instances in folklore to provide some sort of evidence of source material for why these creature should turn to stone. but instead I am not going to cite anything because this is a blog and I can do what I want.


Obviously, right. They are goblins. The more weird and folkloresque they are the better. There is also a famous Dutch fairy tale about goblins turning to stone in the sun.


First of all they should have pumpkin heads cause that's weird. And, if they have pumpkin heads then they should have weird spooky folklore properties. And turning to stone in the sun is one of the weirdest spookiest folklore properties a spooky monster can have.

Sea Hags

Yeah dude, they are all wet and gross. They totally dry out and turn to stone in direct sunlight. I imagine this as more like Dracula in Bram Stoker's Dracula like they can be out in limited sun and in the shade but if they are exposed to the sun at noon then they will turn to stone.


This is probably because I have sensitivity to sunlight; so it makes sense to me that something with a bunch of eyes would be sensitive to sunlight. The idea of having all those eyes and no sunglasses seems like agony to me. So yeah theses things should turn to stone.

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Gods of Marmo

In the Temple of Nodens the Dream Elves speak of other Gods and cults that ruled Marmo in the past. 

Boccob - Neutral God of Magic 
Boccob is not so much worshipped as fed. Every spell cast, every new spell created, every magic item destroyed adds to his being. It is said that if a magic user dies with spell still memorized then his mind becomes part of Boccob.

Donblas - The Justice Maker Lawful God of Life and Order
In the past Donblas had a cult on Marmo but the last of his known true worshippers were slain two centuries ago. The body of Donblas is buried somewhere in the Underworld.

Istus - Neutral Goddess of Fate
The elves know very little of her and her cult. They believe that dreams can thwart fate.

Arawn  - Lawful God of Death and Revenge 
There are legends that this god will trade a living soul for a dead one of equal value.
Nergul -  Chaotic God/Goddess of Death and Entropy
This god of course wants to unravel the universe and consume it inside himself as one big ball of chaos. It births monstrosities from a cosmic womb and mutates its worshippers before consuming them or mating with them.
Nodens - Neutral God of Death and Dreams
Obviously the coolest god according to the dream elves, he rules over the land of dreams where memories and lost souls drift like wreckage in a sea of ether. Death is a dream that lasts for eternity and he is the monarch of dreams.

Priapus - Chaotic God of Fertility and Change
No one on earth worships this god, probably. You do run into his statues in the land of dreams. 

Saturday, August 22, 2020

The Storm: Devlog 1

 I published a short video explanation of the state my skirmish wargame is at. It's called The Storm. It is very much a work in progress. Frankly, it had been languishing since the demise of google+. Anyway, you can check out the video diary here (it's really just audio with some slides):


 You can check out the game on itch here: The Storm

Monday, June 15, 2020

Return of Klang - Session Report 6/14 - That Time Xylarthen Joined the Team and the Decided to Enslave a Dragon

That Time Xylarthen Joined the Team and they Decided to Enslave a Dragon

Back in Clargarser, having escaped the Nightmare world of Shagast, the members of the team (still living) join some fellows in the tavern. This includes Nupo the Gnome, Fablong (the former Corpse Worshipper), and the wizard Xylarthen. All three of whom are suffering some pretty serious PTSD with a dash of survivors guilt for Fablong (as his fellows who attempted to rescue him were all killed in the process). 

The surviving party members - Theodora (gnome magic user), Cade (human fighter), Ves (human magic user), and Ember (elf magic user and fighter) - mourn the loss of their compatriots. Sven, Larchmont, Belray, and Princess Consuela Bananahammock. Lister, who lost much of his power has disappeared for the time being and PlumBear (née PlumBob) has wandered off into the woods to be one with nature and come to terms with his new form. 

Zander Scuttletoes remains huddled in his ditch hiding from the world and his feelings. 

Theodora has sold the circlet of teleportation to Xylarthen as she could not use it. But is wearing the ring of defense which brings her armor class from 9 to 6! The potions and scrolls were divided among Ves, Ember, and Theodora. Ves and Theodora also spent some time and money crafting two scrolls and learning a spell from Xylarthen. 

Ves still has the ring that allowed them to see only bones/skeletons and it is undetermined if they can actually see again? Or if they’ve just gotten good at the whole X-ray vision thing. (DM - thoughts?)

Ember is new to Clargarser and excited to meet new people. The first person the group meets in a thief named General Hux who happens to be offering free rides on his mule, Mulam Driver, to those drinking in the bar. Theodora shows interest but Ember begins a conversation with a group of elves. They are incredibly old, pale, almost translucent. They speak an older form of elvish and tell the party they were awoken with the god Nodens. 

The temple of Nodens is suddenly a bustling place. And many local residents have stopped wearing their skull masks and have switched to sleeping caps instead. (Nodens is a god of sleep/night.)

The team arranges to buy potions which will allow them to enter others dreams the following day, at the temple. 

The party has begun to converse when they hear a disruption outside the tavern. It is a large party of Dwarves beating their shields and chanting at the center of town. The party goes to check it out. 

They manage to catch some of the chanting in common. The dwarves have come from their mines in the mountain, which has been infiltrated by an acid spitting dragon. It has stolen their treasure and killed many dwarves. 

It is also spawning monsters that have taken over their mines and passage ways. Killing even more dwarves and making their tribute to the dragon even harder to find. 

A snake wyvern is mentioned that eats its fill then sleeps as well as a filching frog that lives in a magical pond and has a hoard of gems and magical items. 

It’s a bad situation really. One the group thinks they can help with. First, for a treasure payout and magical items. Second, they hope to ensnare the dragon and keep it as a pet/weapon.  

Theodora invites the dwarves back to the tavern, which is now selling ale as well as hard alcohol! And hot snacks! The adventurers then proceed to ply the dwarves with strong drink and entice them into playing cards (Clargarser Rat Screw). Once they are all drunk (which cost the group a considerable sum of gold) the party agrees to terms. They will be allowed to take all of the treasure and items that they can carry. 

The party declares they will leave the following sunrise (two days). Theodora convinces Xylarthen to accompany the party. It doesn’t take much convincing. He doesn’t really want to be alone at such a time. 

Three dwarves, strong and able bodied, are assigned to accompany them to direct them as well as help fight. They are Eorglor, Bardak, and Klaus and all are second level fighters with war hammers and shields. 

The adventurers depart with their potions and provisions. Mulam Driver the mule and Bart the dog join the party as they make their way to the mountains. 

Once the mines are in sight the party notice a creature high above in the sky, dark with leather wings, and realize it is the dragon. Xylarthen suggests a few members sacrifice themselves so he can move the rest to safety with magic. This idea is rejected. The dwarves suggest the proverbial back door. 

As the party enters they find a narrow, dark passageway. Theodora casts dancing lights and thus there is light but after a short time the lights dim and then vanish. 

Xylarthen casts a spell to permanently light General Hux’s torch which provides them a decent amount of light. Bart the dog pauses, growls, and then runs forward, ahead of the party. Theodora runs after him and the rest of the group follows. 

They quickly come upon the bodies of a couple of dead dwarves who are being devoured by three carrion crawlers. 

Ember immediately throws the dancing sword out, hitting one of the monsters. Cade rushes forward with the magic hammer (which had once belonged to Larchmont) but is hit and knocked unconscious before he can use it. 

In the melee Xylarthen as well as one of the dwarves is knocked unconscious and in the end, Theodora and Bart fend off a number of attacks and ultimately deal the killing blow to all three crawlers. 

The team must wait 3 hours in the tunnels for their compatriots to wake up. And once this happens they move on and come out in a room filled with veins of iron ore and garnets. There are also gold rocks on the group. They immediately set to picking up as much of this as they can, reminding the dwarves that this was part of the deal they struck with their leader. It is also decided that this is a good place to take a break and figure out their plan. 

So until next week!


Sunday, June 14, 2020

Update to Clargarser Prominent NPCs

Ludul: Priest of Nodens

Ludul is a 2nd level cleric that the party found drunk in the dungeon. Now that the worship of Nodens has been revived in the town he has become the head priest despite his low level. He may be available for hire in exchange for donations to the church. I got him from the magazine Megadungeon #1 but I can't find it anymore in my stuff so he is going to change a little


  • Weird tentacle Moustache
  • Was dreamy and detached even before worshipping god of dreams
  • Still likes to drink too much
You can buy the holy water of Nodens at the temple of Nodens for 100gp. Drinking it allows you to enter the dreams of a sleeping creature you are next to. As the worship of Nodens grows the temple may be able to offer additional services.

Weird Elves: Newly Awakened Residents

After Bringing the idol of Nodens to the surface some albino elves have begun to migrate up as well. They have dreamed with Nodens in the underworld for hundreds of human years and now rejoin the surface. Who knows what secret knowledge they hold? The answer is me. I do. I'm the dungeon master. 

Fablon Wagshank: Dream Warrior

Fablon is the former leader of the corpse worshippers and now runs the bar, Tehedrin's Final Rest 


  • gruff
  • shakes with excitement when imagining violence
  • Messianic Ideation
Fablon is no longer able to hire out mercenaries due to the heavy casualties that the city took during the weird Shaghast dream invasion. He is now a devout worshipper of Nodens

Carousing at the Bar Tehedrin's Final Rest

The Liquor supply in Clargarser is recovering now that the plague has subsided and people from nearby villages will trade
  1. Roll a d8.
  2. Remember that number
  3. Multiply that number by 50. You gain that much xp and pay that much in gp to the bar.
  4. Divide the number by 2 (round up) and Subtract it from your constitution score and remember that number too. Let's call this your "party score"
  5. Roll a d20.
  6. If the number is under your party score everything is fine. the end.
  7. If that number is over your party score, you have vomited on one of the prominent NPCs in town and cannot use their services until you make a gift to them of 100gp * your level. 

Aleena Lymro: Head of the Larchmont Memorial Clinic

Aleena runs the medical clinic attached to the Corpse Worshipper compound. 

  • obsessed with earwax
  • white knuckled
  • teetotaler
You can pay 20gp/week to stay at the clinic. This guarantees maximum natural healing and gives a +2 on any save vs. disease or poison at the end of the week.

Xylarthen: New Wizard in the Tower

He killed Raglom in battle and now he has moved in to Raglom's tower to steal all the dead wizard's knowledge. He has managed to raise his intelligence score since his debut in Men & Magic. 

  1. Handsy (sigh)
  2. Arrogant
  3. Has no emotional investment in whether anyone lives or dies

Wizarding Services and Costs

Currently these are the services that Xylarthen offers. He may provide more as his research continues.
  1. Reincarnation: There is a 35% chance that Xylarthen has a scroll of reincarnation on hand. If he does it costs 10,000 gp to get reincarnated.
  2. Remove Curse: Xylarthen will cast remove curse for 400gp + 100 gp for every level your character is over level 4. You will have to wait 1d4 days for him to memorize the spell.
  3. Spell tutelage: If you want to learn a spell that Xylarthen knows, he will teach it to you for 200gp * spell level for spells level 1-3 and 500gp * spell level for levels 4 and up.
  4. Divination: 1/week Xylarthen can cast the 4th level spell question (Blueholme p. 34) for 500gp. You will have to wait 1d4 days for Xylarthen to have time.

Mo Afsa: Black Smith

Just a blacksmith. any weapons or armor of the basic equipment list but you may have to wait.  Suits of armor will take at least 2 weeks to make.  

Nupo the Gnome: Merchant, General Store Owner

1. This guy's personality changes. Often over the course of a conversation. 
2. His accent changes too. I am not very good at voices.

Friday, June 5, 2020


I just finished painting my Sohei Monks for Test of Honour. This project was a minor milestone for my painting. You can tell by looking at the eyes on their leader as compared to his fellow monks. I loved working with the orange color.

I have a lot to work on for the future too. I gotta keep plugging away at those eyes. Thinner coats for whites and more control of the viscosity of the paint when I am doing faces. Better pinwashing technique, the list goes on and on.

I also have a lot more to learn about photography. I have really failed to catch the contrast between the bronze and the very dark blue/black on Hozoin In'ei's armor (That's the leader up front).

These were mostly a blast to paint. Hozoin's right arm had a big gap that needed filling (something else I need to improve on) My least favorite dude is hiding in the first picture. So let's look at the second picture.

 Here we can see him upfront on the right. Painting his blue armor didn't spark joy for some reason and his feet were unsatisfying to paint too.

His grumpy face is kind of cool though. You can also see how I am experimenting with eyes here. This guy I focused on pupils and in some of the others I focused on the whites of the eyes. I need to get some guys with exaggerated eyes to work on. I think my leack of enthusiasm for his breast plate is apparent in this photo.

 Here we see just the whites painted. It reads ok on the table but isn't great for taking pictures. You can also really see where I can improve on shading white by looking at Hozoin's muscular calves.  And I just noticed I knocked the roof into a bad position on my little house. Oh well.

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

The Helm Of Dul’Gahn

Raglom the Wizard wearing the Helm shortly before taking
a fireball to the face and dying. The helm was recovered from his corpse.
Yes, beer bottles represent flying.

I’ve been adding more and more ‘h’s to the name of this item to try and obscure where I got the name of this artifact from. My wife recognized that it is Gul’dan from Warcraft with the first consonants switched on the syllables. If I had known that the artifact was going to be so important to my campaign I would have given it a better name. The Helm started as an item I gave to an antagonistic evil wizard. The wizard died during a siege and the party was able to loot his body in the chaos. The item was originally designed for mass combat; I had to adapt it for regular campaign play.

The powers of the helm were originally:
1: raise 2d4 stands of fallen troops as undead under control of the user, once per day
2: Open a dimension door to send troops from up to 18” away, three times per day
3: Permanent shield spell
4: Permanent protection from good

Wow. First of all after looking this up. I realized that I had forgotten about the last two powers. Oops. I am a bad dungeon master. The first two powers were meant to be used in unison to overwhelm fortifiations in mass combat. The second two were meant to explain the permanent protections that all wizards get using the mass combat rules employed in the battle. I also had a little backstory for myself about helm. I did not expect this to ever be relevant. Duhl ‘Gahn (the apostrophe is going to move around) was an incredibly powerful long dead evil wizard whose soul and consciousness lived on inside the helm. He offered his power to any magic user who dons the helmet. He would then try to take over the user. I decided that the evil wizard wearing the helm in the battle was powerful enough to contain Duhl’ Gahn’s consciousness.

At the time I imagined it as sort of a less successful demilich. By that I mean there were parts of Dhuhl ‘Ghahn’s skull placed into the helm and that the evil wizard somehow created the item himself and placed his own skull inside the helm. No, I have not figured out how that happened, but it definitely involved magic. Perhaps Dhulhlhh’ ‘hGhahhnshhh’s consciousness resides in its own demiplane, where it can carry out arcane research unbothered. Perhaps the purpose of the helm is to seed his consciousness throughout the prime material plane. Any way here are the mechanics for how HDhulhlhlhlhlh’ hGhahhhhhhhhhhhnn  takes over someone’s mind:

1.     Anyone wearing the helm can commune with HDhulllhhhhhhhhhhh’’’’’’hhhhGhahhhhhhhnnn and he will answer their questions with his arcane knowledge gained over millennia.
2.     Then the wearer must make an intelligence check. If the wearer succeeds nothing happens.
3.     Once the wearer has failed an amount equal to their intelligence score their consciousness is erased and they are now ‘’hhDhuhhhlllhhhhh’’’hhhGhahhhhhnnhhh.

Creatures that Should Turn to Stone in the Sun

There was a plan to go and find instances in folklore to provide some sort of evidence of source material for why these creature should turn...