Monday, November 19, 2018

Stargazer Comparisons Play Report: Wait this is not a play report at all. THis is crap.

I haven't been able to run a game of Dungeons and Dragons since I got hit by a car at the end of July. Don't ever get hit by a car. This post is just as much to see if I can write yet without getting a splitting headache as it is to talk about Tower of the Stargazer.

The siege of Witherhelm was over. The town of Witherhelm was descending into anarchy. So the party decided to go on a vacation to the Tower of the Stargazer.


A lot of people have run this adventure and written about it on the internet. This guy did it as a DCC Funnel. I didn't use any of his ideas but adding skeleton cleaning crew is a good idea. I should have done that.

Someone else wrote about ....


OK Let's start again.

I really wanted that to happen. But instead the party kept looking into the mirror that made you raise or lose ability scores. One character looked in the mirror like 3 times and got their scores dropped 3 times.

This person turned the chess puzzle into an a die roll

The Dungeon of signs guy/person figured out the puzzle in the basement. My wife figured out the puzzle. The party got to the basement. They poked around the forcefields cautiously (someone had already died).  After futzing around with the switches my wife says "ZELDA!" and solves the puzzle by using the fake coins from the fake treasure room to test the forcefields. 

Blood, Death, Satan, and Metal perhaps not surprisingly had the most in depth coverage of Tower of the Stargazer. There is good stuff on there but my head is starting to hurt.

I'm just going to publish this. I guess. After all blogs are just for posting rambling nonsense.

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