Saturday, July 31, 2021

Fleshing out Portown After a Trip to the Coast

I really think that there is a place on the Zenopus Archives where he talks about how Port Town was based on some Coastal town in Northern California. I have now been to such a town, Mendocino California.  I wandered the coast looking for places where smugglers would meet. late at night and trade goods away from the eyes of the law.  Of course there were sea caves but there were also small islets that only existed when the tide was low.

Near the deepest part of the Cove you can see a cave entrance. These were up and down the coast. It's easy to imagine them being deep and leading to an underground smuggler's lair. Or imagine the water washing all the way under the graveyard and taking the bodies away. The lost souls are washed out to sea. They become angry and crawl to shore reanimated by a hatred for the living.

Perhaps not far away enough for meeting at night to exchange contraband but there were numerous islets like this ready to plunge beneath the sea when the tied came in.

Of Course there were also arches and sea caves were giant crabs or whatever could hide out. I am thinking sirens that call out to lost children. There was also a colony of bees living in the rocks. They were not as exciting as sirens but they were real and I had to avoid them to get to the outcropping I wanted to get to.

Clearly the home of a giant lobster who feeds on the kelp in the bay
Come closer child let me sing to you.

Also you could have an encounter with some seabirds that lead you to some treasure in their nest like a locket.

There was this spooky tree with dead limbs covered in moss or something. I would put this in the graveyard in Portown and have smugglers meet here to negotiate with ghouls on moonless nights.

Finally people had carved skulls and faces into the sandstone on the cliff. I could imagine a hidden sandstone altar carved in a hard to reach place or just that the citizens of Portown carve the faces of their sailors that die at sea into the sides of the cliffs. Imagine a sandstone relief to those lost at sea stretching all the way back to the founding of Portown. What clues and secrets would be embedded there?

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